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Too Cool For School
So the spending review is in! In case you missed George Osbourne’s speech… We’re all fucked. The thing that surprises me is how many people still don’t understand that Labour got us in this trouble. The figure that stuck in my mind is the fact that out of every £4 Labour spent £1 of that was borrowed. For the last 10 or so years the government has been paying off one credit card with another. Hang on though, isn’t that what the government was telling us NOT to do! Well the fact is we are all going to have to tighten our belts. I’m getting rid of my maid! I will still be using DAZ though! If you want to see more check out the hot girls at St MacKenzie’s

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Dirty British Housewife
It has been a while since my last post, So lets jump straight into it… The bankers have fucked us all and it has seemed to rain every day of summer. Oh yes and the politicians have well and truly bent us over a barrel and taken us roughly with no lube!!! Fear not as we still strive to bring you top quality British Porn This time out I have find the delectable British Milf Mrs Penninton, busty dirty and very slutty looking. This mature British Girl is a complete slut and you will love watching her suck cock. You never know it might take your mind of the economy!

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Sexy Busty Chris
Chris Totally Nude
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Anna Looking Hot
Pole dancing Anna
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Sexy Babe Jay
Anna & Chris Together
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Hot blonde Babes Chris & Anna Kissing

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As we grind through the recession, and wankerchops tells the rest of the world at the g20 how to fuck their economies even more. You can take comfort in this great two for one deal, not just one sexy British solo girl… but two of them! Get to watch the sexy blonde babes Chris and Anna perform solo as well as some hot girl on girl action, they also have a lot of friends over, like the cute Jay to get involved in their lesbian fun and games. If you want to see a big breasted Brit babe naked, your sure to want to get your monies worth and see two sexy huge titted English girls getting down and dirty. Visit Taste Of UK for more big tit blonde fun.

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Sexy British Pornstar Sophie Dee

Must Be Sophie Dee

Lets for a change actually talk about some porn! Crazy idea for a porn blog but let us give it a try… Let’s be honest unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of Sophie Dee. If you have been living under a rock you probably have many issues that this blog can’t help you with and should try this site. Anyway Sophie is a beautiful British girl with an amazing body. She is so cute with the sexiest blue eyes you will ever see. So Ms Dee has her own site jammed packed with her doing pretty much everything you can dream of (She is a pretty filthy hardcore babe). Trying to please everyone you will see Sophie as both a blonde and dark haired little fuck slut, she gags, does double penetration and isn’t shy when it come to fucking another girl. So if you want to see more of those juicy breasts bounce around or her sexy bubble butt get crammed full of cock, well you know what to do…. Oh you don’t? Well Click HERE.

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Better Interest Than The Banks

I did have a good chuckle at this while this banker (and I use the term very loosely) is sorting out his rather large pension some london news got pushed to the back page. It turns out the a school caretaker in South London had converted the schools boiler room into a cannabis grow room and been happy tending to over £6000 worth of prize winning Ganga. Now £700K a year is nice but I have to applaud this guy for taking matter into his own hands and starting his own recession busting pension fund. So to today’s girl, A very sexy brunette. I have to say the knee high socks and the little arm gloves are pretty damn hot, So if you want to see more babes like this check out Suburban Amateurs.

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In Case You Didn’t Know

There aren’t many things sexier than a sexy blonde in the shower. Having said that, trust a blonde to forget to take off her clothes before she gets all wet. I am sure that you can forgive Melanie for this minor indiscretion. The damp cotton clinging to her firm pert breast is quite breath taking, her dark little nipples trying to escape from their wet cotton prison.

Anyway enough of that. So I heard the definition between having guts and having bal the other day and thought I would share it with you.

Having Guts, is coming home late and drunk from a night out with the boys, you meet your wife at the door. In her hand she hold a broom and you ask her, “You still cleaning luv or you flying off somewhere”.

Having Ball, is coming home late and drunk from a night out with the boys smelling of cheap perfume and with lipstick on your collar. You meet your wife at the door, slap her on the ass and say “Your next fatty”

So go get yourself over to Only Melanie and check out some more of the blonde sex kitten.

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sexy blonde Secretary naked showing off her juicy tits

And Everybody Was Happy

All it takes is freezing temperatures to make the British public happy, shut down the schools, shut down the offices. Pretty much shut down the country and go build a snowman. Apparently the snow day cost the British economy £3 billion, what the news negates to inform is the fact that, had bankers been able to get to work the country would have lost £10 billion from them pissing our hard earned against a wall. In circumstances such as this any sensible business man has only one real option available to him…. Send Your Secretary… She will strip down and is sure to warm things up.. If she doesn’t catch hypothermia.

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Hot Blonde British Girls Gets Fucked By A Big Cock

I’ll Have What He’s Having Please

So I got a pack of three pair of underwear from the underwear company. Now you expect that if you call yourself the underwear company you’re going to know your onions when it comes to pants, or boxers. So there are three pairs in the pack, identical except one is grey, one white and one blue. Now the white and grey are fine but the blue… This is where the cock flop occurs. Your know, when your dick flops out of the pouch at the front. Why just on the blue pair???? Anyway get on over and see some more of this hot brunette with big tits getting her pussy licked out.. It will cure the cock flop in seconds.

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Hot Blonde British Girls Gets Fucked By A Big Cock

I’ll Have The Cream Of Cunt Please Waiter

So it has been a while since my last post… But don’t worry I’m still finding you the sexiest British girls for your wanking pleasure…

So what has happened since my last post…

Well world financial markets have collapsed and Gordon “Knight in shining amour” Brown has saved the day… Lets not forget this is the man who was chancellor for the last decade, under his guidance we have found ourselves in shit creek with no paddle.

Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One World Championship. I have to say I’m glad about this. There has been a lot of crap, rumours and everything else thrown at him. End of the Day his British and we should get behind him.

Barack Obama became the next president of the U.S.A. Now perhaps it is just me but has anyone else noticed that he isn’t black!!!! To get technical he is mixed race so 50% black 50% white… So looks like America has selected another white President!?!? But no one has yet to say this… But never mind, personally I was hoping the McCain would get in, mostly because Sarah Palin is quite a MILF…

But the most important development is that John Sergeant has quite Strictly Come Dancing. Now that’s a real shame.

Don’t Worry about that! Just get over to Cream My Cunt for some UK Creampie porn

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Dear Oh Dear

It’s a Brown Bashing Day, well why not. It seems strange that Gordon Brown did not interfere in Zimbabwe in the same way that we dived into Iraq. Now there are 2 theories behind this..


2. If brown were to start denouncing old Bob Mugabe for being a dictator on the fact that the election was rigged with wide spread threats and intimidation. Maybe people will start to look at Old Gordy and say “Oi Brown, so when exactly did you win an election”.

The problem is we now live under a dictatorship by a man, who under his control has steered the countries finances in to what we see splashed over the front pages of all the newspapers.

With all this said it is quite clear that the professionals have no idea so we are going to hand it over to the amateurs. The Suburban Amateurs. And with everyone tightening their purse strings were giving you more amateurs for your money with 4 hot galleries to perv over.

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